Carbon Jewels for your Harley Davidson®

Club Italia Collection born from the desire to make known and transmit all the Italian spirit that is contained in each of our single pieces of carbon fiber in this collection.

Made in Italy is how we define all the productions that have Italy as their referent, it does not represent only a brand but also a value where creativity is intertwined with the skills of the Italian producers who have managed to launch on the national and international market, high quality products.

Ours every single product is handmade and totally handcrafted by skilled and expert hands.

Our products are made exclusively with carbon fiber fabric made in Italy and impregnated with high quality epoxy resin made in Italy following and respecting the highest technological standards.

We make every single piece of carbon fiber following these fundamental and very important production processes:
1. Hand lamination process
2. Vacuum bagging process
3. Autoclave curing process
4. Autoclave post curing process
5. Handmade product refinishing
6. Clear Coat anti UV painting process
7. Product quality control

Ours products are painted with a special anti UV-resistant clear coat to preserve at the best the technical characteristics of the carbon fiber and to give shine and quality over time.